Hello, i'm Guilherme Darisbo and, if you're here, you know something about me, i presume. :)

I'm a musician, an improviser, and i play - mainly - the electric guitar. Welcome.




Guilherme Darisbo + Peter Gossweiler - actually, my main partnership, together the great mostly-drummer Peter Gossweiler.

Next issues - a few of recordings that i recently recorded, waiting for labels or netlabels, for free-preview download in low bitrate.

Catalog - my last issued recordings, proudly at the best improv and unusual-music labels and netlabels.

Videos - the most interesting and nice music videos of live presentations and that sort of things. With my music and my poker face.


My blog - yes, i have one yet.



Discogs (Guilherme Darisbo) - me.
Discogs (Cine Victória) - my old moniker.